Juhye Lanfried - Artist/Art Consultant

As a former fashion designer, I approach my work with structure and rhythm using my unique materials, bold colors, and forms. I grew up with my mother who is also a fashion designer and entrepreneur. She impressed upon me the importance of how color and fabric can be used to accentuate features and lines of a person’s unique physique. I incorporate these concepts into my artwork and try to tailor my art to a person’s personality and space to create a harmonious environment for them, believing that art customized to the individual can significantly enrich a person’s life by helping them feel more attuned to their surroundings.

My art can be characterized as contemporary, abstract, mixed media and I take my inspiration from the people and places that I design my artwork for. When I see a space, I can quickly visualize how it could be improved through my art. Then, based on my interactions with my clients, I develop a concept which best fits their character and then give life to this concept so that it flows naturally into their home or office as a facet of themselves.

I am constantly experimenting with new forms and materials and have created pieces for both residential and commercial spaces.